Date of Event 23 August 2024

Walk & Talk at Cluny Farm, Forres

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Join us for a series of Walk & Talks, on Farms and Crofts across Scotland, supported by The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. 

Come and learn about the host farm or croft business alongside informal discussions about wellbeing and of course connect with others, during the farm walk as well over a lunch or supper.

Our aim is to encourage farmers and crofters to take time away, to connect, learn, share food and talk about the value of wellbeing as part of the business.

The events are free and we just need you to confirm your place via the Eventbrite Links.

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My name is Robbie Newlands and I farm at Cluny with my wife Kirsty. We have three grown up daughters that are all following their own careers away from farming. 

Cluny is a 462Ha tenanted up-land livestock farm carrying 180 breeding sim/saler cows all out wintered. All the calves are fattened and sold dead weight. The cows are all spring calved, starting in early march, on a 12 week block to Charolais bulls. The heifers which are all bought in, are put to a Saler bull. The calves are then all fattened on a barley beef system and sold dead weight mostly to ABP.

We also carry 680 mule Ewes. The lambs are usually all fattened and sold dead weight to Woodhead Bros at Turriff. Although this past year we did sell 500 store to ease the numbers on the ground during the very wet autumn.

We grow around 160-170 acres of spring barley for our own use most of which is fed to the cattle through hoppers on the barley beef system. We do feed some of the barley to the lambs to finish them.

There is also 24 acres of fodder beet grown and used mostly for feeding to the cows overwinter. It is grown on 4 blocks with barley stubble alongside as a run back for the cows.

Away from the farm I am a Director of both the Spring Show and RHASS and am on the board of North Highland Products. All of which take me away from the farm and are good for encouraging a wider view of farming but also meeting and speaking to others.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Cluny for an afternoon tour, followed by a spread to share.

We value your support!

Thanks go to all our supporters, including our founding funders.

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