Published July 2024

Tender Specification: Monitoring and evaluation for the Farmstrong Scotland wellbeing programme.

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Farmstrong Scotland are currently inviting tenders to provide the monitoring and evaluation contract for the Farmstrong Scotland wellbeing programme. 

Ensuring that farmers and crofters needs are at the heart of the design, development and delivery is at the heart of the programme in order to ensure that we facilitate change and have lasting impact. A key success of Farmstrong in New Zealand is that it is evidence-informed.  It uses research findings to demonstrate need, inform design, adapt delivery and measure impact.  In seeking real change in Scotland, we will need to continually test our assumptions and learn from those who use (or potentially use) the programme about what works to deliver change and desired outcomes. We want to help improve their wellbeing by providing farmers and crofters with what they want, in a format they tell us they are most likely to use.

Prior to launching the programme, we undertook foundational research which explored the wellbeing priorities of farmers and crofters across Scotland and provides us with a baseline against to measure change. Seeking to build on this foundation research, this tender falls into two distinct work streams:

  • Workstreams 1a and 1b - Annual Monitoring 2024 and 2025
  • Workstream 2 - Programme Evaluation

Further details on the tender purpose, insights required, scope, methodology, deliverables and timescales can be found on the link below. Should you require any additional clarification please email by 5pm on Tuesday 16th July 2024.

The deadline for submission is by 5pm on Tuesday 23rd July 2024.

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