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Farmstrong Scotland is a new rural wellbeing programme for the farming and crofting sector, sharing peer-to-peer tips and advice.


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We will be uploading stories, videos, podcasts and other exciting content over the next few months, watch this space!

Farming and crofting, like many other professions, is a job with plenty of challenges and rewards. There's always ups-and-downs. To farm and croft well, you need to live well and that is where Farmstrong Scotland comes in. Through peer-to-peer stories and tips, supported by science, the programme will provide a range of insights and tools so you can make small changes, that will deliver big impact.

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“It’s such a simple thing, but sitting down with the diary and getting a few things written down in there to allow for a break felt so good. Obviously, there are times of year on any farm or croft - such as calving, lambing or harvest - when it is impossible to get away. But what we have realised is to help get you through those busy seasonal times, it’s so important to have time to step back and catch your breath. There is no shame in taking a holiday."

Lynn Cassells and Sandra Baer


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“The recent Farmstrong Scotland Tour, which RSABI also supported, reminded us to notice the small things for our well-being, and when I am out on my bike it’s those things that stay with me when I get home. Whether it is the wildlife and nature, the glistening water, someone offering a simple smile of encouragement or the wind on my face, it really does put a spring in my step.”

Colin Ferguson

Dairy Farmer


“A lot of us farmers live in beautiful countryside, but we never take a moment to stop and appreciate it. Swimming in the clear water and doing something just for me - not for the farm or for anybody else - makes me feel a stronger person. I’ve learnt not to feel guilty about taking time to do something that makes me feel good. It gives me a bit of time and breathing space to take stock and appreciate life.”

Hazel Moss


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