Published February 2024

Story PDF: In at the deep end: Hazel Moss from Orkney

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Farmer’s wife takes the plunge in support of Farmstrong Scotland by sharing her journey to a new sense of wellbeing

In this story, Hazel Moss from Orkney shares how she unlocked a new sense of wellbeing - both mental and physical - by taking up wild swimming. 

She covers the importance of stepping away from the farm, noticing the countryside and breathtaking scenery, and connecting with others. 

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Trio & Tested: Three simple steps that helped set Hazel Moss on the path to better wellbeing:

Take Notice
Be Active
Download Our 5 Steps to Wellbeing
  1. Take inspiration from others. It was watching her grandchildren swimming in the sea, so happy and carefree, that inspired Hazel to take the plunge
  2. Be aware of the irony of so many farming folk living among breathtaking scenery but never taking a moment to notice it
  3. Learn not to feel guilty about taking time to do something that makes you feel good.

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