Published February 2024

Story PDF: Lasting legacy: Farmer throws weight behind Farmstrong Scotland in memory of his father.

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In this story, we find out more about Ted Thomson and why the donations from his funeral were given to Farmstrong Scotland.

His family believe that if the wellbeing movement for farmers and crofters in Scotland had been around when Ted was a younger man it could have made a dramatic difference to life for him and many others of the same generation.

Ted’s son Neil Thomson says the wet harvest of 1985 and the “seemingly endless slog against the weather to get the crops in” cast a shadow over his father’s wellbeing for the rest of his life.

The Thomson family, who farm at Caverton Mill, Kelso, on the Scottish Borders, feel that Farmstrong’s practical tips and tools, plus stories from farmers in a similar situation might have supported their father to deal better with the sight of all the wheat and barley flattened by the rain.

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Tried and tested: Neil Thomson’s tried and tested ways of helping his own wellbeing

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  • Pursue interests away from the farm or croft, for me it’s included everything from amateur operatics to curling and skiing.
  • Volunteer your time, giving back to organisations such as the Border Union Agricultural Society and the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has been good for my own wellbeing.
  • Talk to your children and other family members about their hopes and dreams, it’s so much healthier if they can speak openly and don’t feel under pressure to follow in the family’s farming and crofting footsteps. 

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