Published April 2024

Story PDF: Lynbreck Croft: All work and no play left Lynn and Sandra rethinking crofting life

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In this story, Lynn and Sandra from Lynbreck Croft in the Highlands explain why they had to rethink life on the croft for a better work life balance. 

Meet the crofters who are reaping the benefits of finding time for themselves.

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Trio & Tested: Three simple steps that helped Lynn Cassells and Sandra Baer on the path to better wellbeing

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01. Take time to sit down and put some dates in a diary to take time away from the farm or croft. “We love what we do and where we live and look forward to every day here but it’s important to take a break” says Lynn

02. Work out boundaries to separate work and life. Simple things like Lynn switching her mobile on to airplane mode at 5pm and making time to eat dinner together have helped to re-energise the couple

03. Even if you are tired, make time to socialise with others. Lynn and Sandra find joining a weekly exercise class in the local town’s activity centre serves three purposes, a) getting them off the croft b) helping keep them fit c) widening their group of friends

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